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ckrotch's Journal

¡cKrotch!, proud Persio-mexi-fornian!
30 June 1983

...and oceans are love
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or vertaling Duits Nederlands
...and oceans, albert kuvezin, alex grey, alice in chains, anathema, anatomy, apocalyptica, arcturus, astral projection, astrophysics, bagpipes, beat patterns, beauty, behemoth, bill hicks, children of bodom, cthulhu, danny carey, dark tranquillity, dead can dance, devin townsend, earth, emperor, experimental jazz, faith no more, fight club, finland, finnish mythology, folk metal, folklore, garmarna, genghis blues, genghis khan, george carlin, george orwell, ghosts, gods tower, godspeed you black emperor!, green carnation, happy tree friends, havayoth, hedningarna, hiking, hinduism, huun huur tu, iceland, ireland, irish music, ismo alanko, jazz, jimi hendrix, joik singing, khöömei, kilts, king crimson, korpiklaani, languages, linguistics, literature, love, lovecraft, manu chao, massive attack, math, metal, microtonal music, mike patton, mithraism, mongolia, music theory, mysticism, nature, norse mythology, opeth, paranormal activity, percussion, persian history, persian mythology, philosophy, pigmy love circus, pink floyd, poetry, polyrhythms, primordial, prog, psychobilly, psychology, quantum physics, reincarnation, richard cheese, runes, russia, russian, scandinavia, scotland, shakespeare, shiina ringo, sigh, sigur rós, snorri sturluson, sociology, solefald, stand up comedy, steven lynch, sweden, swedish, taiko, tanzwut, tenhi, throat-singing, time travel, tool, tori amos, travel, troka, turkey, turkish, turmion kätilöt, tuva, tyva kyzy, ufos, ulver, ulytau, vegetarianism, vikings, vintersorg, värttinä, wales, warsaw village band, welsh, world music, world mythology, world religions, writing, xöömei, yat kha,