¡cKrotch!, proud Persio-mexi-fornian! (ckrotch) wrote,
¡cKrotch!, proud Persio-mexi-fornian!

finally fucking moved in!!

and I've been sorting through all my shit I've had in storage over the past year and a half, and I'm getting rid of stuff. I'll post a list on here somewhat soon, and you can all message me letting me know what you want, send me some kind of money in some form or another for the postage, and I'll send it to you (unless you're in vancouver, in which case, I can just give it to you directly). Still no internet at home, but that'll hopefully change soon enough. Once I have furniture, it goes without saying (then why am I saying it...?) that you're all always welcome to come visit. You all have my address and my number. Keep rockin, everyone!

-- your favorite Persio-Mexi-Fornian
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